Paddy’s Blog | Week 30

29/06/2015 | By Paddy...

"On Monday we had a DFE Ofsted meeting. Tiffany, Stephen and I went along to Gun Wharf and spoke about what has changed in the last 2 years and what we think as young people still needs to be changed or looked at and what has good better. We spoke about how stable our social workers have been.

Tuesday was a fancy dress all day for me because I was fundraising for my CiCC experience to India! Lots of people had sponsored me so it gave me the motivation to dress as silly as possible! Stephen and I also prepared our speeches for the YLF fundraising event on Wednesday. We went through and read our speeches to each other so that we could plan the timings. After a view practises we got it! Janine and I helped prepare the equipment and final plans for the event too.

On Wednesday Janine and I went straight to the event venue. We did a table plan, helped set up the stage and laid out all the banners and materials we had to promote the charity. We had been there all day so had to get changed in the toilets!! I wasn't even nervous for my speech that night, I think Stephen was more nervous than me! As my time come I read my speech standing in front of over 250 people - my legs were shaking but at the end I got a standing ovation - I couldn’t believe it!!

When I came into the office on Thursday, I was straight on social media blogging and tweeting what I done. I then helped Lucy get ready for the Challengers group. The group was good seeing all the young people playing together and having a laugh with each other!

I studied my NVQ from home on Friday."