Paddy’s Blog | Week 29

22/06/2015 | By Paddy...

"Monday I come in and actioned my emails first. I then started on the CiCC data report for this quarter. I already had loads of the info I needed so it was a matter of adapting it to the report format and adding pictures and quotes from young people. This was quite time consuming and took up a lot of my day but it had to be done. I also arranged for Ed to go to the Medway Safeguarding Children’s Board (MSCB).

Tuesday I prepared some thank you letters and emails to those who supported our CiCC Football Match. I then was liaising with professionals from Medway about where the CiCC newsletter will be going because the Who Cares Trust magazines are ready to go out to young people. The CiCC newsletter went over to broadside. I have also been in contact with young people about meeting with an Ofsted inspector to talk about their views.

Wednesday I started preparing thank you letters and photos for the young people who come to the CiCC Football Match. I also have been typing up a speech I will be doing at a YLF fundraising event next week.

Thursday I came in to the office later because I have the Challengers group tonight. I finished off mail-merging the thank you letters I started yesterday. Once they was done and ready to go I printed out the Football Report I wrote up to go out with the letter and photo of each young person.

Friday at the office I caught up with a few things like my blog. I also printed out the CiCC minutes and a thank you letter to send to all CiCC members. Lucy and I spent some time writing a report about the Challenger's group - we went go-karting at Buckmore Park and the experience was amazing!"