Paddy’s Blog | Week 32

13/07/2015 | By Paddy...

"I have started to get things ready for the CPB meeting at Cookham Wood Prison this week which Stephen, David and I are attending.

Stephen and I have phoned David to do a telephone interview asking him about how he is feeling about India as we have only one month to go! I then sent this to Janine so that she could put this on the YLF blog.

I composed an email to young people who are coming on the overseas India experience just letting them know about the blog and just reminding them there is only a month to go before we set off!

I finished updating the CiCC Annual Data Report to forward on to Stephen. I went through it again for one final check to make sure that everything is in place. In rush to get out the office and set off to the CPB meeting I realised that I had forgotten everything I printed out so we had to quickly go to my house to print on off - school boy error! I wont be doing that again! The meeting still went well - phew!

I have had an informal chat with Stephen and Marilyn about setting up a young person’s group for YLF (find out more soon!). I have also helped Lisa prep a questionnaire that YLF will be handing out at the annual BBQ on Sunday. I edited it and added a question to it about the group we are going to be setting up.

I have worked on my NVQ and have most of it done apart from a few questions which I am not sure of so have asked Tracey to help me."