Paddy’s Blog | Week 33

20/07/2015 | By Paddy...

"I have been helping to write the India blog and sent out an email to all young people attending the India trip letting them know that they will be asked to do a blog post soon.. I have helped Lisa with the survey results from the summer BBQ and compiled these into pie charts. From the question I asked on the survey, I started to make my own database of young people who said they would like to be a part of a group to have a say about the service we provide for them and how it can be improved.

I have called around to all foster carers of those young people coming to India to remind them there is a meeting this Saturday and letting them know the time, place and to make sure that have lunch with them. I also reminded them about the Challengers group this Thursday and to bring spare clothes because we were heading to Mote Park to go canoeing.

I had a meeting with the company who made our CiCC Stigma film to talk about how we can promote our volunteering service.

I have been to Medway Broadside offices to meet Jo Cross to have a catch up about the last CiCC meeting. We spoke about a lunch date in September for the launch of a fostering film. We spoke about the release of the Who Cares Trust magazine and how Jo thought a survey on the website was a great idea.

I worked on my NVQ which has been one of the hardest units I’ve done but I'm getting there."