Paddy’s Blog | Week 7

05.01.2015 | By Paddy...

"My first day back since Christmas so I had a lot of emails to go through and to sort out. I had a meeting with Janine about my future and what I’m going to be doing which everything sounds perfect.

I look forward to the next upcoming months with YLF. I had my first piece of work from Tracey and I think I have made a great start to that. I have also met with Tracey about how I will work towards my NVQ and Janine sat in too.

Good to hear that I’ve got a busy year ahead of me with YLF. Holly showed me how to file and then after that I was good at it. Challengers was also good this week see how the young people were and that they had a great Christmas! I am going to the Houses of Parliament in a few weeks for a care leavers group.

What’s not gone so well? Well I don’t know really. My NVQ is looking good and if I do find it hard I know I can get lots of help with it. I think the hardest part is getting back into things after a long break of over Christmas.

I have lots of planning to do and meetings to attend over the next few months and it’s going to be so good."