Paddy’s Blog | Week 6

08.12.2014 | By Paddy...

"This week I worked from home on Monday because I was visiting Broadside on Friday.

My NVQ assessor Tracy and I have organised to meet in the New Year.

I visited the Old Vicarage with Stephen for a Christmas party to meet other young people who live there. It was nice chatting to a few faces who I know and see what they was doing.

I have finished the term planner, Holly had checked it and then it was sent out to young people so that they know what group was where for the next term.

The CiCC Christmas meal was brilliant! I think I picked a great choice of place.

I had organised with George from Medway for several young people to meet up with him to design a new complaints leaflet. On that day only one young person turned up so it was cancelled.

I went to Broadside to meet Jo Cross as she had organised a day there for me. This was on the 12th December 2014 and also my last day before Christmas break. Once I got there I was welcomed by many different people some of which I know. Jo had set up for me to meet a few different people which was to take up most of my day there and then she took me out for lunch which was nice.

Work has been better than bad this week so no negatives because it’s Christmas. See you next year!"