Paddy’s Blog | Week 5

01.12.2014 | By Paddy...

"I haven’t got any NVQ work yet but I did take my laptop home to do some work and to check emails. I have spoken to some people about designing a new complaints leaflet for Medway and to get 4 CiCC and some younger ones to help with this. I made a flyer for the Corporate Parenting Group VS CiCC event.

What has gone well is I got Twitter this week so I am getting used to it slowly. I have got my blog on line now it’s on the big difference pages. Everything seems to be going well again I am very busy which I don’t mind but one step at a time. I am looking forward to the Christmas meal and the CiCC VS Corporate Parent’s fun and games night.  I am also looking forward to working with lots of people.

What’s been hard is I need to be more organised in myself for example write notes and action my emails but I will get there, I am learning slowly and I am enjoying myself too. I need to be more prepared for things."