Paddy’s Blog | Week 4

24.11.2014 | By Paddy...

"I have started planning activities for next year and Holly has been helping me with this. I also have booked venues for the Challenger’s term planner and it’s been amended and it is now complete ready to be sent out. I have also started a Christmas leaflet.

What has gone well this week is the CiCC meeting. There were some new faces which was good to see. Myself and Holly are organising a fun and games night at Gun Wharf in Medway with the Corporate Parenting Group. I have also been in an ASDAN meeting which was quite interesting to hear about achievements for young people and adults.

I have been very busy and it has been quite hard to remember lots of things so I am having to do things one thing at a time. I am planning with Jo Cross to spend the day at Broadside. I am looking forward to going and spending the day there.

I am enjoying myself at YLF. It’s been busy for me but I am getting there, I am learning a lot and I am taking in a lot too but I don’t want to confuse myself too much."