Paddy’s Blog | Week 3

17.11.2014 | By Paddy...

"This week I have met with Jo Cross and Marylyn Morgan in Broadside offices.

I have written a story about my life from being a student at the Abbey School to now being an apprentice at YLF. I have also contacted a few young people to see if they would write a small paragraph on a theme about “moving on”. I have already got one of them back and when the rest are done they shall be going in to the CiCC newsletter.

What’s gone well is that I started and completed the Challenger’s term planner, I phoned venues so that I could book in some activities for the New Year. I think I managed to do that quite well. I have been very busy this week I went to my first very important meeting at the Broadside with Stephen Gray, Jo Cross and Marylyn Morgan. I have also organised the CiCC meeting for next week and I have been emailing Lee Waghorne and talking to Holly about this. I also made the meeting agenda for this.

I have a job to call Who Care’s Trust and to speak to Grace Spinner about the magazines they send out. Grace put me through to Hazel East who told me about the cost of the year for the Who Care’s Trust magazine. Hazel then took my email and emailed me everything I needed to know and I will be taking this to the CiCC to see what people think. I also had to write a small paragraph for the CiCC just to say who I am.

Things I have found hard this week are this blog again and trying to get my mind around things was hard at first but once I looked at my notes I was fine. Again things do get hard but nothing is easy. I’m having to learn to remember a lot of things but I’m getting there.

I have enjoyed a good challenge by chasing people up and telling them where meetings are and when their stories need to be done by. I am looking forward to the CiCC meeting next week."