Paddy’s Blog | Week 2

Week 2 - 10.11.2014 | By Paddy...

"I haven’t meet with my NVQ assessor yet so I haven’t started on my NVQ but still been busy at work. I have posted the new Challengers timetable and I have been doing the CiCC agenda for the next meeting. I also have done lots of emailing to Jo Cross (Medway's Head of Service for Looked After Children) to arrange a date for the “Takeover Day” at the Medway Broadside Offices. I have finally decided on where the Christmas meal will be so I had to phone other restaurants and tell them I didn’t want their venue.

This week things are going good.  I’m still very busy and I always have something to do. If I don’t I would find something to do depending on the time or I would help a member of the team with what they are doing.

Yet again I have found talking on the phone easy and talking to people in a polite manner. I also have written a letter to all CiCC member’s telling them I am now the CiCC apprentice and that I will always be in contact with them.

Things I have found hard this week was spending time trying to think how I could start this Blog but I did it and now it is easy. I haven’t really found anything too hard to do yet.

I have enjoyed the Challenger’s group this week. I have a job of now collecting the subs and giving them to Jenny (YLF's Finance Manager) the next day. I have enjoyed a lot throughout this week and look forward to much more."