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Week 1 at YLF - 03.11.2014 | By Paddy...

"I started my apprenticeship this week. My first day was very easy and I had my first team meeting. Holly (YLF's Children in Care Council Coordinator) and I did my paperwork for my NVQ in Business and Administration. Once I had settled in a little I was soon busy on my feet and doing things. I have sorted out the Children in Care Council (CiCC) folders and I have tidied up the office.

Things so far are going really well. I have been really busy producing letters and phoning people to tell the details of Challengers groups. I have learnt to use a franking machine (post machine). I have been out to the shops to get myself a new 2015 dairy, notepad and office stationary. Janine (YLF's Marketing Coordinator) and I have sorted out my email so that I can email everyone.

Things that I have found easy were writing up a small article about me being the CiCC apprentice that I had to send to all social workers and Independent Reviewing Officer's (IRO’S). Also Janine and I were to update the YLF website and the Big Difference pages. We also posted on the YLF Facebook and Twitter page so that our followers can see who I am.

What I have found hard is that during the week when Holly or Lucy (YLF's Positive Activities Coordinator who I also share an office with) wasn’t in the office. I had to book a venue for the Christmas meal. So I phoned three different restaurants to get a Christmas menu. When I phoned these restaurants I was quite nervous but I didn’t let my nerves get the better of me.

I have enjoyed everything I have done so far with YLF and I am looking forward to the next 52 weeks with these guys. I have already settled in fast and I already feel part of the YLF team."