A Legends Christmas

Take a look at what festivities our Legends got up to this Christmas!

At Christmas time, our Legends Programme have had the opportunity to enjoy a mixture of Christmas parties, pantomimes, and Ice Skating. Check out what some of our hubs got up to…..

Our Medway Legends decided they wanted to experience a silent disco – yeah you heard that right – SILENT!

Well they got what they asked for – although the silent part is debatable.

With their own headset and three different genre playlists to choose from, they all enjoyed the music of their choice ,and it wasn’t difficult to work out what they were all listening to as it quickly turned into a karaoke!

“I liked the silent disco it was really good fun”


“Can we do group on Christmas day?”

Maidstone Legends went sliding into the Christmas break as they headed to Tunbridge Wells ice skating rink together!

There was a mixture of some experienced young people and newbies to the ice but they all had a chance to whiz around at their first group ice skating session together!

It was great to see them supporting one another and learning new skills!

“Can we go again next year!”


“I’ve never been ice skating before, it was the best day ever!”


Sittingbourne Legends started their Christmas activities with their Christmas party.

They played plenty of rounds of musical chairs and jumping through hula hoops to music. After they enjoyed their party food, they followed by pulling crackers and playing more games, including a snowball fight. unfortunately Father Christmas got stuck in the snow, but luckily his trusty elf Haley was there to hand out all the lovely presents.

The group also went off to the theatre to watch Snow White, which was fundraised by our young people themselves! (See here!)

Everyone had such a great time, with smiles and laughs all around. At the end of the evening, everyone was so excited and saying “this is the best night ever, please can we come again next year”.


Thankyou to all the generous people who donated presents at our Giving Trees! Because of you it was possible to gift each young person with a present tailored to their hobbies and interests.

We all loved seeing the smiles the presents put on all of their faces!