Arethusa | Sunday Fun

Sunday morning the group were awake nice and early, packing their stuff up ready for home time. But the adventure didn't end there!

DSC_1333Once the group had breakfast together and chatted about their sleep over experience, it was a chance to have some time playing in the park before the last activity of the weekend.

At 10am the young people got called into a room and told there had been a murder on sight! They were to become detectives and solve the murder! After a lot of problem solving and different trails of dead ends, the group were lead to their final conclusions and solved the murder! Well done detectives!

Lunch hit and everyone was ready to eat, talk about the weekend and try not to fall asleep in their meal!

DSC_1429We are extremely grateful to High Sheriff of Kent, Hugo Fenwick, whose fundraising efforts had given the group a weekend of fun together!

“My favourite parts of the weekend were swimming and the bonfire” Anna aged 10

“My favourite bit of the weekend was making the shelter in the woods” Liam age 12

“I don’t have a favourite bit of the weekend…. I loved it all!” Shakila age 9