Arethusa | Overnight Adventure

The group of 16 young people excitedly arrived at Arethusa Adventure Centre, Rochester, ready for a weekend fun and challenges! 

DSC_1261Even with an early 10am start, they were all raring to go! The group met their leaders for the weekend, Ashley and Sarah who gave a tour of the site, a chance to explore and find their rooms and let them settle in before activities began.

Once settled in the young people headed over to the high ropes obstacle course. They got to overcome their fears and challenge themselves to go that little bit further with some group encouragement.... So what was the high rope obstacle course? It was a big wooden structure that looked like a capital H. The young people had to climb a pole and walk along a balance beam between two posts, 20 ft. off of the ground!! The other part of the obstacle course was the leap of faith - a tiny platform on top of a 30ft pole. The young people climbed up and then leapt into the air and grabbed a trapeze bar. This was such a great achievement for all the young people, they all did it even though they thought they couldn't!

DSC_1289“That was really cool, I want to go again” Alfie, 9

The group had a lovely lunch together and spent time talking about the morning’s activities. Once lunch was finished the young people headed out to make shelters for toy animals they were given. They got in two teams and had to make a shelter that would be suitable and protect their animal. After a lot of thinking, preparing and construction of twigs and grass, the young people all made their shelters for their animals.

“I think my shelter is the best, it looks really good and fits my rabbit well” Joseph, 11

After the shelter building they were ready to go for a swim in the pool - a nice relaxing time after such challenge!

DSC_1426Evening was upon us and so a trip to play in the park, a bonfire, cooking sausages, eating smores (two chocolate biscuits with a toasted marshmallow in the middle!) and singing songs was next in store. There was lots of laughter, chatting, learning how to cook sausages, playing tag and sharing a happy memory that we have… after eating lots of sausages and smore’s it was time to get ourselves ready for bed.

“Today was so much fun... And I didn't even know what smores were until I came here! I enjoyed toasting marshmallows!” Shannon, 12

“It was cool cooking sausages over a campfire” George, 10