Beach BBQ!

DSC_0005 ESDIT40 young people from New Line Learning Academy ventured off to the beach for a BBQ with YLF!

Everybody jumped aboard the 3 minibuses and headed on their way... "Are we there yet?"

On arrival at St Margaret's Bay, the group very quickly set off in chosen groups to enjoy playing rugby, skimming pebbles across the water and playing in the sea - which was surprisingly not as cold as expected!

This was a first for some of the young people, as they had never been to the beach before. They found watching the tide come in quite an exciting experience!

DSC_0015 EDITBetween all of the fun and excitement of the beach the group enjoyed eating hot dogs and burgers and even buying ice cream from the ice cream hut! A great day was had by all and no-one wanted it to end!

“It was a such a good day, I had the best time!” said Sophie

“I really enjoyed the BBQ, it was really yummy!" said John

“It was nice to go the beach because I haven't been before - I loved putting my feet in the sea!” said Tommy