Reaching New Heights!

DSC_0001 EDIT13 young people headed for Broadstairs with YLF for a new climbing adventure!

After a quick safety briefing, first up for the young people was the chance to daringly try a bit of bouldering - climbing to a set height without any harnesses! This warmed up the young people who tried different walls for different climbing abilities and techniques - some even moved from one side of the room to other across the walls! Some took to this very naturally while others took a little longer, but they all encouraged each other to go further.

The group was split into two and one group started to harness up and climb the large climbing wall while the others carried on bouldering - building up their arm muscles to take on the large wall a bit later!

DSC_0040 EDITThe group enjoyed lunch together and were able to talk about the high points of the day before it was time to head home.

“The best bit about today was the fact that I climbed higher than I thought I could, I am really scared of heights so this was good to help push my limits”. said Callum

“I really enjoyed being able to climb around the room, going from one side to the other without touching the ground.” said Brandon

“I loved climbing - lunch was great too!” said Kaine