Day 3 – the activities continue…..

IMG_4295At 7:30 sharp the crew awoke and got ready and headed down to breakfast before they went to their first activity of the day... Archery.

The crew headed down and listened closely to the rules and safety procedures before taking their shots at the targets in front of them. One round to warm up before the group played a game in which each colour on the target had a meaning. Each participant took their aim and fired trying to get the best result possible whilst laughing and joking in doing so.

We then headed down own to our meeting point in which we would continue our activities with orienteering. Teamed up and starter round complete, the teams got ready to go around the site to find the numbers using the map, punching holes into their sheets to see which team would get the most and be crowned the winners! With time running out the teams gathered to find out who won. With scores close together the tensions rose as team Pretzel were crowned the winners! Well done team Pretzel!!IMG_4347

With all that energy being used up, it was now time to go and refuel with some lunch, giving everyone a chance to talk, laugh and giggle over the mornings events and discuss the plans for the eIMG_4407vening.

After lunch the group went off to fencing and all enjoyed learning how to do this.  It all got a bit competitive!! Then it was off to the 3G swing, which gave young people the opportunity to work together and pull each other high up on the swing before the swing was released and flew through the air. 

After dinner, everyone got their glad rags on and headed off to the disco before taking their tired heads to bed - zzzzz!

"3G swing was awesome!" " archery was the best"

"It was nice to go the disco and meet new people"