Day two Activities!!

Yesterday we woke up bright and early and headed down for a healthy, filling and nutritious breakfast before going back to our accommodation to get our stuff and jump on the coach to go raft building. A twenty minute drive with a lot of laughter and we arrived.IMG_4066

Kitted up in wet suits and ready to go we got into teams and worked together to build our rafts that would hopefully keep us afloat while we were out at sea!! Rafts built and life vests on, the crew headed out on to the water to test if their amazing teamwork could resist against the cold water!

"I was freezing but it was so fun paddling to keep ourselves on top of the water!"IMG_4085

"I loved working as part of a team it was a really good chance to bond with everyone and work together"

After we had all dried off and got back on the coach, we headed back to the site, where we had a quick lunch and freshened up before we headed to our next activity... Aeroball. What better way to work as a team than jumping on a trampoline trying to score points by shooting balls in to our opponents nets. Shoes off and socks on, each duo took it in turns to play against each other. The feeling of competitiveness was in the air as each team did their best to beat the other team. With the sand timer slowly stopping the activity came to an end, crowning team Kamalam the champions of Aeroball at YLFs August Residential.IMG_4129

"It was great! I played against my friends but still managed to have a laugh. Basketball on a trampoline is definitely something I'll remember."

The crew then headed to the activity they'd been looking forward to the most.... Jacobs Ladder. The team took it in turns to climb to the top with their teammates helping them with their ropes on the ground and cheering them on. Fear was overcome as each individual pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to go higher than they had climbed before. Pride and tears were in their leaders eyes as they watched their young people do something they never thought they'd do!