Bumper Easter Break!

This Easter was busier than ever with 7 trips being held for our YLF young people. Check out what we got up to below!

Week one:

Howletts Monkeying Around: Tuesday started off with our Medway 7-10 year olds heading off on a trip to Howletts Zoo. There was tiger watching, elephant spotting and monkeying around. The rain did not put the young people off but instead they enjoyed learning about the Rhinos and doing animal impressions, including dancing in the van while eating lunch.

“I learnt how elephants are different colours”

“It was nice to see my friends today”

“ I enjoyed dancing in the van while we waited for the rain to stop”


Thorpe Park Excitement: On Wednesday, our Medway care leavers group headed to Thorpe Park. Young people got into their friendship groups and wandered off around the park for a great time on the rides. For some, it was their first experience of a theme park.

“WOW! This is my first trip with YLF and my first time riding rollercoasters. It’s been so much fun and I’ve met so many new people and made lots of friends”

“Thorpe Park is awesome”

“I had an exhilarating time, but the ghost train was so scary!”


Chessington Rides of Wonder: To finish the week off, the young people of Medway headed off to Chessington where they enjoyed spinning around, turning upside down, shooting foam balls and hitting the bumper cars….what a great week they had!

“I have never been to Chessington before, it was awesome!”

“I loved Rameses Revenge, it was awesome”

“ When can we come back?!”


Week Two:

Personal Training Session: The young people of Thanet had a great team building session together on Monday. They had a lovely time learning about working together to overcome an obstacle course, followed by some great obstacle tracks that started easy and became more challenging as the courses went on. The young people worked together to get through this. They all engaged well and supported each other.

“I loved being able to help the others with the Monkey bars”

“It was really cool to be able to do this with my friends”


Wingham Wildlife Park: Tuesday saw the young people of Sittingbourne head out for a great day at Wingham Wildlife Park. There they enjoyed spending time looking at all the different animals, from seeing the flamingos, to the lions and learning about how badly bears were treated when they were in captivity. They watched the penguins enjoy lunch. A great day was had wandering around discussing the animals and learning together.

“It was sad to see the small cages that the bears had lived in for so long”

“I loved seeing the penguins”

“Spending time with my friends was great!”


Cyclo Park: The young people of Tonbridge and Malling had a great time in the sunshine, cycling around the different tracks at Gravesham Cyclo Park. They headed up and down the bumps, over the hills and around the different tracks. The young people were whizzing around teaching the adults how to do this!

“It was great to be able to go to the Cyclo Park”

“I thought the different tracks that we could go over were really cool”


Graffiti Workshop: To finish the Easter break off, ten young people from across Kent came together to learn more about the street Artist Banksy and who inspired him. The young people all had a go at recreating a Banksy art piece before making their own to take home.

“I got to make my own art piece it was sooo cool”

“I liked being able to have a go at graffiti and not get in trouble for it”

“Lunch was yummy”


Thanks to support from the KFC Foundation, we were able to run these trips and take our young people out and about over Easter!