Easter Fun | Challenge Day!

On Saturday 5th April, YLF took an excited bunch of young people on a fun filled day to Kingswood Activity Centre!


There were 21 young people taking part in some enjoyable team building challenges, working together throughout the day. The young people were all helping each other and learning to work as a team. Matthew was a great leader on the Nightline activity as he was explaining to his team what was coming next as they were all blindfolded.

Others led their groups on the outdoor climbing wall and encouraged each other to have a go at the zip-wire. Some were a little nervous about doing the activities at first but were really pleased when they gave it a go and overcame their anxieties and even wanted another turn!

DSC_0260 DSC_0302

Overall, a great day had by all in the beautiful weather, fantastic facilities and crazy challenges. All the young people scored the day 10 out of 10!

Megan said “The best thing about today is being able to make new friends, get to know different people, have fun and be a team working together”.