Easter Fun | Theatre Aboard A Boat!

boatOur group of youngsters arrived at Gillingham Pier on Tuesday, a little nervous and excited as they didn't know what to expect. We only knew we were going to see a theatre show on-board LV21, a rather large light vessel.

On arrival we climbed stairs just how you would climb a ladder, it was all very exciting! We got a chance to explore the boat before the show started too which was great. All the young people were fascinated by the different rooms and all the different things on the ship.

ylfWe headed up on to the deck for the start of the show for the first five minutes and the rest inside. The young people really enjoyed seeing a theatre show on the boat, and although it was funny, it was a serious story told through poetry - it all rhymed too!

Once the show had finished all the young people got a chance to write their own poem. They all had different lines used from the show and had to write the next rhyming line. They all showed a good effort working together to write their poem and read it out loud in front of everyone on the boat. Everyone got to take a little badge as a prize. It was a great day had by all!

"The best thing about today was..... everything!" Olu, age 8

"We had lots of fun with Holly and Lucy, and I loved seeing the theatre show." Lilly, age 9