Easter Fun | Quad Bike Craziness!

IMG_0534 (2)With our minibus full with 13 young people, we all ventured out for a day of quad-biking and archery on Wednesday.

On arrival the young people were split into two teams; a girls verses boys day!

The boys went off to do quad-biking first while the girls got to have a go at archery. This was a great chance for the girls and boys to get to know everyone within their teams. Through a good few rounds of archery and sharing common interests, the girls started to bond well.

IMG_0491 (2)

During the game of archery, some challenges were set. One was to get the arrow through a paper cup that was placed high up. Gabby managed to quickly complete this challenge and made it look easy too! The other challenge was to have a high scoring round and see if they could beat the boys with their score.

Once the boys came back from quad-biking the groups swapped over. The boys first shared stories about what they had done, how fast they had gone, and how they zoomed around the field completing the obstacle course!

Now it was time for the girls to have a go at quad-biking and the boys to have a go at archery. The boys had quite a talent and they looked so natural at playing archery. They beat the girls by scoring 115 against the girls score of 78.

IMG_0527 (3)

The girls came back really pleased with their quad-biking, and that they had completed the obstacle course at a really good pace too! Everyone enjoyed spending time there and would love to go again!

On the way home, the minibus was full of chatty young people sharing stories with each other and talking about their eventful day with their newly made friends.


Jamie said "That was well cool, I've never been quad biking before"

Jason said "The best thing about today was just the whole experience!"

Tommy said "The best thing about today was definitely the quad-biking and being able to go fast on it!"