Easter Fun | Overnight Camp!

Saturday lunchtime, our group of 14 young people set off for round two of camping in Rutland Wood, Maidstone, by kind permission of King's Reach Charity. 

The weather was slightly brighter than our last trip in November and the group certainly made the most of it...


...But first on the agenda – to get our minibus out of the muddy gully that we got stuck in! Everyone helped by wedging planks of wood under the wheels and pulling on the rope tied to the back of the bus. After a good few attempts and a little help from some locals, the bus was out! Hooray! :)

Within the next hour, tents were up and lunch was on the go!



Second on the agenda - build a rope swing! (health and safety checked of course!)

Staff and young people entertained themselves all afternoon with games of manhunt and exploring the beautiful woodland including the amazing handmade roundhouse built entirely out of branches!

When the sun went down the group gathered around the fire for jacket potatoes and curry followed by an evening of team games and ghost stories. Roll on round three..


“Now this is definitely worth a Time to Shine award!” Tiff – whilst washing up the curry pots and pans!

“The best part of camping for me is the simple things like making the rope swing and being allowed to get covered in dirt!” Terry