Easter Fun | Science Museum

On Tuesday, 14 young people aged 7-13, all met at Chatham Train station prepared to head to London's Science Museum!

Everyone was so excited about the train journey, what was to come, and what they would discover. So off we went in our groups and followed our leaders to the train.

“Today is the first time I will have ever been on a train!” said CJ age 10

DSC_0017Once on the busy train, we all struggled to find a seat so instead we happily stood by the train doors or sat on our backpacks to rest our legs. Once off of the train we had to stick close together in our groups and head for the London underground where we were getting the tube to the science museum - now we were getting more excited!

Even after such a long journey, we walked so fast to the science museum because we couldn't wait to get inside! We dropped off our bags and then it was time to begin our discovery adventure! We went into outer Space and found out about all the different things that happened there. We saw what clothes Spaceman wear, what food they eat and how they eat it ...and even how they went to the loo!! That was funny!! We saw spaceships and much more.

DSC_0085We settled for a while for lunch together and then we were off again looking around at different aeroplanes before we got to have a go at some science ourselves in the Launch Pad. It was so great to try things for ourselves and see how they worked. We then had just enough time to go in to the shop and buy a little something before heading home.

On the train home, we were all rather pleased that we got a seat so we could have a little rest, but it didn't stop us from talking about all the fun we had!

“The best bit about today was seeing the space stuff!” Moses age 9

“I thought the best thing about today was the Launch Pad” Justin age 10

“There wasn't a best bit because I loved everything about today!!” Bethany age 11