Easter Fun | Thorpe Thrills!

WP_20140729_001The Thrills of Thorpe Park on a sunny day!!

On Friday 17th April 2015, 12 overly excited young people from across Kent bundled onto our minibus and headed to Thorpe Park! Many of the young people had never been before so there was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air!

We arrived and the group couldn't wait to get into the park and take on the rides - good job we had tickets and could jump the queue!! As soon as a meeting point was sought, the young people were all debating about what ride to go on first and headed off in groups to the likes of Nemesis, Swarm and Stealth! "I'm so excited - I've never been before and cant wait!!" said Conner.

At lunch, it was fantastic to see the group chatting about what rides they had been on and how the day was going. Harry said, "Nemesis was awesome!! I wish we had time to go on it again!"

The group were so exhausted after their adrenaline fuelled day, that the journey home was a rather quiet one compared to the drive up there! But they were all excited to tell their friends back at home what a brilliant time they had!

"It was so good to go to Thorpe Park. It was amazing; I enjoyed every ride and made some new friends too!" said Trudie.