Father Christmas Adventures

Steam Train Adventure

IMG_4842On a lovely winter filled Sunday morning, YLF young people were eager and ready to see Father Christmas.After a short drive from the pick up points, through the beautiful country lanes, the cars arrived to the winter wonderland where everyone would soon board a steam train and head on a journey to see the magical Father Christmas.

“I thought today was amazing!”

Once through the gate the young people were greeted by such a kind and loving team, and with excitement building, it was now time to board the train and head on their way through the woods to see the great man himself…. Father Christmas.

“The food was awesome!”


Then out of what seemed nowhere, the train pulled into the station where everyone was greeted by Father Christmas and his elves. They spoke with every young person and bless them with them a gift.After leaving Father Christmas, everyone enjoyed a drink, biscuit, and opening of presents before having to go on their way.

“ I can’t believe Father Christmas came to see us”

“I can’t believe there is an actual train set in someone’s garden”

The young people want to say a massive thank you to Sue Martin, Father Christmas, the Elves and BBC Children in Need for making this possible!