Fireworks Display | Leeds Castle

DSC_1302On Saturday 8th November, 16 young people had the chance to go to Leeds Castle to see the annual firework display.

They arrived at the Castle and enjoyed a run around in the Castle grounds plus a few games of football before darkness fell and the fireworks began.

At 5:30pm amazing, loud music started.  The theme for the display was animals with each song featuring a different one and synchronised to the fireworks.  Animal silhouettes lit up the walls of the Castle and everyone stood and watched in amazement as the night sky was filled with beautiful colours.  After half an hour, a rather cold but cheery group of young people headed back to the bus ready to head home.  They were all really happy to have seen such a brilliant display.

IMG_2589“That was the best fireworks I have ever seen!” Alfie age 10

“That was soooo cool!” Justin age 11

“I enjoyed the music and the fireworks together!” Bethany age 11