Flip Out!

This week a group of young people headed to Flip Out in Chatham!

Young people bounced, jumped and flipped at Flip Out this week! Rising to the challenge of who could jump the highest and furthest or do the best somersault, young people put everything into it!  Feet first, head first, which ever way they chose, young people jumped from one trampoline to the other, trying to stay upright and not fall over!  Did they manage this?? Not always!!

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The foam pit was a firm favourite and there were many flips and jumps into this! The foam pit was surprisingly difficult to get out of, but young people helped each other to climb out. Once out, the young people then jumped straight back in again!

Image result for flip out trampoline parkWhat did young people say about the activity?

Jumping in the foam pit is so much fun, especially trying to get out as I kept getting stuck ‘.

"I really like getting buried in the foam pit, I had a brilliant time"

"One word? Jumptastic"!!

Thank you to everyone who came along for making it such a fun time!