Theme Parks!

This week, we went to Chessington and Thorpe Park!

Theme parks are amongst the favourite activities for our young people, so we could not think of a better way to start off the summer holiday activity programme than to spend two days at theme parks, one day at Chessington and the other at Thorpe Park!IMG_3665

Our days for both parks started early as we were keen to get in as many rides as possible. When arriving at the parks, young people chose which rides they wanted to go on. A difficult choice when  there were so many rides to choose from!

The days were spent going from one ride to the next (with a break for lunch of course!) Even waiting in the queues for the rides proved to be fun, with the time spent chatting to friends, watching others on the rides and  listening to the screams!

Thorpe Park had a power cut during the time we were there, but this did not manage to dampen the spirits of the young people! After the power was back on, everyone was given fast track passes and the park was kept open longer due to the power cut. This meant more rides for us, we definitely made the most of the day!IMG_3658

After young people at both parks had been spun around, hung on tightly on the rides that twisted and turned, and turned upside down a few times, it was time to head for home.

Thanks to everyone who came for making these two days such fun days out!


This is what young people said about their trip to the theme parks:

“Going on the rides had really helped me overcome my fears”

“Everything was awesome!”

“I finally got to go in the ‘I’m a celebrity, Get me out of here’ maze and it was amazing, lol”

“Thorpe Park is ‘Fansuper’ despite the rain”