Fun Friday!

IMG_1124Last Friday, young people met YLF at Gillingham Park for a few hours of fun, team challenges and making new friends.

Richie made instant friends by bringing his drone along with him and impressing everyone with his flying skills. He was also kind enough to let others have a go - until the battery died!

Becky built a giant tower out of the giant Jenga only to see it knocked down by a football……..kicked by her brother!

IMG_1125“I can’t wait for the parachute games” said one young person after discovering we had one in the toy box. What fun we had with it. Everyone was falling about laughing as we played Cat and Mouse and Daniel was the best mouse ever and couldn’t be caught.

“I had a great time and made some new friends” said Lorna

“I had a wicked time and feel more confident about trying new things” said Beverly

“I’ve had so much fun” said Kia

In fact, most young people commented that the only thing YLF could have done better was to make the sun shine - noted for next time! ;)