Fundraiser | London Marathon

By Neil… 21.03.2016

"Hi Everybody!

Back to reality last week following my trip to Rome last weekend, traipsing the streets of Maidstone, racking up 36 miles.

neilvcThe weekend culminated with the Maidstone Half Marathon, where I ran the 13.1 mile event in a pretty decent time, and then ran the 7 miles home afterwards ! The picture attached shows me at the half marathon finish line, just before I set off to run home. That's my second 20 mile training run, and with just over a month to go, I will now start to reduce the mileage (tapering is the official term), so that I am fresh for London on 24th April.

Still injury free and running well, albeit feeling a little drained, I'm really enjoying the training for London.

The fundraising is going quite well, but i'm not there yet, so please help if you can spare a few pounds.

Have a good week!  :-) "

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