Fundraiser | London Marathon

By Neil... 14.03.2016

"Hi running fans!

Quite a week just gone, starting with Monday and Wednesday training runs in the cold, dark streets of Maidstone, and finishing by the seaside in the warm sunshine at the Rome-Ostia Half Marathon on Sunday.

Roma Ostia 13 Mar 16A lesser week for me in terms of mileage covered, with a paltry 24 miles completed - but such weeks are all part of the training plan and are important in preparing to tackle a 26.2 mile run.

I'm still in good shape, I managed a personal best on Sunday in Rome for a half marathon in 1 hour 49 mins, finishing 5614th out of 11000 runners, on a course that I doubt I will ever encounter again. After the first 3 miles, the route was a 10 mile straight road to the coast. Mentally this is very challenging, as you can see every other participant for miles ahead of you, and the visual changes of scenery can help you to forget the ordeal at hand but we had no such assistance on Sunday - you just had to get your head down and run!

All good though, especially as another running buddy picked up an injury. I just hope my luck continues right up to the London Marathon date on 24th April!!

My aim is to raise £1000+ for Young Lives Foundation, so any pennies you can spare will be much appreciated.

Back down to earth this week with 35 miles planned. No rest for the wicked!"

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