Fundraiser | London Marathon

By Neil... 11.05.2016

"Hi All,

With less than 2 weeks to go, thought it time I provide another update having been on holiday for a week, with my progress towards running the London Marathon on the 24th April.

Glad to say all is well. Having been in training for London since December, and having racked up around 350 miles of training, I am in good shape - no injuries, and my weight is down to my target level, despite the junk food I was living on whilst on holiday!

tyler and neil 20 dec 2014I am now in the tapering phase - reducing weekly mileage, and no more long runs. Whilst this is physically very rewarding, mentally this is very tough - those nagging doubts over whether you have done enough training just don't go away, so I'm trying not to think about the big day too much ...

With the pledges I've received so far, I am close to the £1,000 fundraising target but would be so grateful for any donations of any size, towards our great cause. Thanks in advance for anything you can spare.

Here you can see not a recent picture, but one of my favourites of me and one of my running buddies!" :-) 


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