Fundraiser | London Marathon

By Neil... 01.02.2016

Screenshot_2016-01-30-14-14-17"Latest pic for this blog from Saturday's Parkrun event - I'm up to 97 of these now, 3 away from receiving my "100 black running shirt"!! Trust me, it's a big deal :-D 

Bit of a nervous week just gone, I was being a bit of a ninny about my leg injury, but discovered some stretching exercises that by Saturday night had me sorted and ready for my Sunday long run.

So covered off 29 miles last week, finishing up with a 15 mile run with the Bacon Butty Runners, that even got a mention (including YLF) on Heart Radio!

Thank you to my two anonymous donors, and with pledges made so far, we are up to around £500 raised with over 2 months still to go!

36 miles planned this week!!!"  :-)  

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