Fundraiser | London Marathon

By Neil... 26.01.2016

Trailscape run 23rd Jan 2016 (002)"30 miles covered in training last week - did Monday's Sweatshop Run for 6 miles, then went out Weds evening for a 4 miler, then took part in a cross country event called "Trailscape" where 100 or so people as daft as me ran around the muddy fields of Sussex as you can see in the photo!

Fell over just the once, down a muddy bank when I leaned on a post that a runner before me had knocked over but had loosely stood back up, so it just fell over again with me not far behind!! Then Sunday I went out with the Bacon Butty Brigade runners, and did 13 miles, topped off with a bacon baguette at the local deli!

Slight thigh injury but everyone I know who is training for London also have their own niggles, so as we all stretch to running 30 miles+ per week, injuries will become more common but hopefully nothing serious. Runners get very paranoid about this, me included!

31 miles scheduled this week, wish me luck!"

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