Half Term Fun | Bowled Over

On Wednesday 1 June, the Positive Activities Programme offered our youngsters the chance to come together for a whole afternoon of bowling!

IMG_0568EDITThe group was split, boys vs girls, to compete against one another to become the bowling champions.

Everyone was extremely encouraging to those who were less confident in their bowing techniques and gave huge cheers when there was a strike! The boys were so excited to bowl that they were zooming through their games aiming to get as many strikes as possible, whilst the girls happily chatted with their new friends and had a good catch up with those they'd met before.

After a total of 6 strikes (well done!!!), a quick bite to eat, and lots of clapping and cheering, it was time to look at scores...

Who won?? THE BOYS!!!

Thanks to fundraised money, YLF is able to offer such fantastic experiences. The group grew closer as friends and all had the chance to build their self-confidence. A wonderful day had by all.