Half Term Fun | Race Day

On Thursday 2 June, our super excited group of young people rocked up ready to get their racing gear on and take to the track! It was time to go Go-Karting!

IMG_0634edit“I look like Lewis Hamilton, this is so cool!” said Justin

Although the group were told by the track staff, 'it's more about skill then speed', it didn't stop most of them glaring over their shoulders with a huge grin on their face when taking over another person and putting the pedal to the floor! There were a few bumps, a couple of barriers being hit and two team swap-overs halfway through the day.. So what would the scores say...

IMG_0628editThe winner is…Everyone! (Due to a little bit of cheating, there really wasn't a clear winner!)

The whole group did not stop talking about their achievements that day whilst getting ready to leave. It was clear that everyone really enjoyed taking part!

“Thanks YLF! It was so good!” said Kerry

“I have really enjoyed today, thank you! I cant wait to tell my friends about this.” said Cameron