Half Term Happiness

Golfing Madness

We started the half term off with Sittingbourne Hub all heading off for a great McDonald’s lunch before hitting the Crazy Golf at Bluewater. The groups split into three teams with each person competing for a hole in one. Everyone enjoyed whizzing around the pirate golf course, seeing all the crazy different ways they were going to have to try to get a hole in one. There were many different tactics tried and skills learnt before they got to the end and worked out who was winner, it was a tough enough, especially when people forgot that it was about hitting the ball the least amount of times and not the most. Our overall champion was… Joseph! Well done Joseph!

"I really enjoyed the golf, it was funny watching how rubbish the staff were”

“I loved being able to come and play Crazy Golf”


Lazer Tag Loudness

The Dragon Youth Group and the Thanet Hub had a great time on Tuesday running around and shooting lazer beams at each other. With teams selected and tactics sorted it was time to find out which team was going to come out on top as champions of Lazer Tag… After man games and lots of chopping and changing of tactics it came about that, the blue team who were the ultimate champions. Well done everyone for being team players!

“I really liked being able to run around and shoot lazer beams at each other”

“I loved the food”


Leeds Castle Lords, Ladies and Jesters

The last day of activities saw the MCYPC Junior group and friends head off to explore the grounds of Leeds Castle. There was a lot of fun walking through the grounds and everyone enjoyed seeing all the trees, ducks and being able to wander around the maze trying to find the centre as fast as possible. Everyone enjoyed being able to sit around enjoying a picnic together, some awesome magic tricks, and joining in with a dance competition with Count Dracula before heading off through the castle and enjoying seeing what it looked like while all deciding what they would do if they owned it.

“I loved the dancing with Count Dracula”

“I loved seeing the library in the castle”

“I loved the maze and trying to work out how to get to the middle”