Heart FM Studio Tour!

WP_20151026_012An extremely early start for the youngsters of YLF, but all for an exciting reason... a trip to Heart FM for a studio tour! 

10 enthused young people alongside YLF staff headed off to the Heart FM studio in Whitstable where they would be greeted by James and Becky from The Breakfast Show.

"I'm definitely getting a selfie - I love the Breakfast Show - me and my carers listen to it on the way to school!" 

WP_20151026_001When the group arrived, they were introduced to the Heart FM team and welcomed in to have a good look around their studio. They got to see the many different lighting colour combinations in the studio and even the chance to listen in to the live broadcast of the show right there and then! The group loved this bit! But what they enjoyed most was getting as many snaps as poss with the presenters!

WP_20151026_004"That was so cool! Seeing them live was amazing... It's made me think about what I could potentially go on to do as a career!"

As the group were leaving, they were given some freebies; Heart FM pens and car stickers! A very interesting and enjoyable day for everyone.

"The best bit of the tour was getting to meet the producers and learn about the equipment. Really insightful."

Thank you Heart FM..! For welcoming us, allowing us to take a sneak peek into the life of a radio presenter or producer and giving us inspiration!