CiCC Have Been Busy..

In the last few weeks, the Children in Care Council (CiCC) have been involved with a number of meetings and events including Ofsted, Corporate Parenting Group and the Justice Service. Here is how they have been making a difference:

Ofsted Photo 2Ofsted Inspection | On the 4 September, four CiCC members met with Ofsted inspectors to speak on behalf of children in care about their experiences of being looked after in Medway, the recent improvements in Medway’s children’s social care and recommendations for further improvement. Ofsted were very impressed with the CiCC and Medway will be reporting back shortly on the results of their inspection.

Corporate Parenting Group | On the 7 September, three CiCC members met with the Corporate Parenting Group to present the CiCC Six Month Performance Report and what they have achieved for children across Medway. They also gave a presentation about their life changing experience in India over the summer and the impact it has had on their lives.

IMG_4863Justice Service | On the 11 September, eight CiCC members made history at The High Sheriff of Kent’s Justice Service at Rochester Cathedral. This was held on the 800th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. It was a great honour for the CiCC to be part of the service and a privilege to be there. The CiCC held the Book of Gospels, Facsimile of the Texus Roffensis and Facsimile of the Magna Carta….and they didn’t drop any of them! Which was just as well, as they are worth millions of pounds! The eight members were thanked by The High Sheriff of Kent with their very own facsimile of the Magna Carta.

CiCC Formal Meeting | On the 21 October, 14 CiCC members, including two new members, attended the CiCC meeting. The formal CiCC meetings are a forum where young people can discuss issues and concerns, improve and influence services and interview and train professionals. This quarter, the CiCC met with the Director of Children’s Services, and other senior managers and discussed plans for a future Time to Shine event, the report from the Children’s Commissioner and received feedback from the Ofsted Inspection.

CICC Report ImageSix Month Report | Have you read what the CiCC have been up to in the last six months? The achievements they have made and how they are reaching out to more young people than ever before? To read a copy online, please go to:

You could get involved today! Are you a child in care with Medway and want your voice to be heard? Contact the apprentice, Paddy, by emailing