Inside India | Did That Just Happen?

18/08/2015 | The day had arrived!

imageOur Children in Care Council members have been tasked with teaching in the local school. Nerves, apprehension, anxiety and excitement were some of the emotions expressed by our young people but there was a twist still to come.

Before they arrived at school that morning they were told they were to teach in the classrooms on their own without any adult help. They embraced the challenge!

Lesson plans and equipment were packed in their bags and they left for school. What happened next took everybody by surprise.

After the school children, aged between 6-8, had said their prayers and eaten, it was off to the classroom to meet their new teachers. All nine of our young people started teaching their lesson plans and they did so for an hour and half. They smashed it!

imageThe school children took part in chanting, game playing, exercises and writing. Topics covered included colours, months of the year, animals, alphabet and body parts. Our young people just couldn't believe what they had achieved and the buzz in the air and pride lived long into the rest of the day. Here's what they had to say:

"I'm so happy, I can't believe I did that! I can't stop smiling. One of the girls in my class is really clever and I'm already trying to think of improving my lesson plan better for her tomorrow." Matthew

image"This is the most unbelievable feeling! I can't believe I planned and led my own lesson." Tiff

"I feel really proud of myself. The children in my class were great." Edward

"I know we were told we would be doing this but it's not until you are actually doing it, you don't realise how unbelievable it is." Sean

"It was hard at first with the language problems but the kids were amazing and helped our lesson be so imagesuccessful." Paddy and Emma

"I can't believe that in just one hour I taught my class the months of the year. They are so clever. I can't wait for the rest of the week to see what else can be achieved. This is a great experience for me as I want to be a teacher." David

"I was worried that the children would be a bit bored and naughty but once they were in class they wanted to learn from us. One of the girls is so clever, I can't believe it." Kirstee

image"I never thought I'd ever be teaching in a school, I'm so proud of myself and what I've achieved. I still can't believe it." Terry

"It has taken nearly three years to make this experience possible. Having the privilege of being here today at the school affirms to me what an invaluable experience this is and what can be achieved if you push people and take them out of their comfort zone. I am bubbling with pride and emotion. To see young people I have watched grow from as young as 12 standing there and delivering imagelessons they had planned all by themselves and how much they have achieved is the proudest moment of my career so far." Stephen, CEO of YLF.





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