Inside India | More Indian Surprises

image19/08/2015 | More Indian Surprises... 

There were 2 birthday boys in our group of travellers today, Matthew and Stephen (but an age gap of 22 years!!!) but there was no time for celebration as after yesterday's high it was another morning of teaching the classes at the school. Our CiCC members could not wait to see their classes again to see if they had remembered all the things they started learning yesterday!

The children are clearly becoming familiar with their new teachers; "Today they were livelier. We had to deal with them running out of class and stuff, but we still managed to get through the lesson plan!!" Terry

There was also an extra 12 children at the school today so now the YLF staff have had to think on their feet and have their own classes to teach in the school grounds!!

imageLater that afternoon, on our daily visit to the boys orphanage there was a mysterious feeling in the air......and the smell of samosas!!!

The boys at the orphanage had arranged a secret 'birthday party' for our birthday boys, had spent the afternoon decorating the orphanage, made a birthday card and were waiting patiently for our arrival. SURPRISE!! We walked into a room full of balloons and the boys singing happy birthday!! Wow.....what a surprise!!!

Our CiCC members served the boys samosas and Gulab Jamon (An Indian doughnut which is a traditional treat) and then the party started!!! We were given lessons in Bollywood style dancing from our local hosts! Despite the heat we danced and danced with the boys from the orphanage!

"Today has been an emotional roller coaster seeing all the boys so happy and dancing despite the fact they have no proper family." Sean

"The best birthday party I've ever had and certainly one I will never forget!!" Stephen, CEO

image"The best night so really hard to get a better one." Ed

"They have so little but gave us so much today!" David

The group travelled back to our volunteer house after saying our farewell and thank you's to the boys! We were warmly greeted by our host family who had birthday cakes and dinner waiting for us Matthew and Stephen were encouraged to follow the traditions in India which is to feed each other with the first slice of cake. Pankaj, our host, then decorated the birthday boys faces with cake - another local tradition.....apparently!

image"It was amazing today because we went to the orphanage and it was a nice surprise to see it decorated for my birthday. They did that for me." Matt

A day that will live long in our memories and the most emotional day so far. One that has taught us all about giving!