Kingswood | Blinded by ‘Nightline’…

photo (23)Our last activity this morning was Nightline - a crazy assault course we had to navigate our way around - BLINDFOLDED!!!!!!

The groups had to work as teams, ensuring they were communicating to get each other around whilst relying on their other senses now that sight was not available!

Aaron said, "Nightline was cool cos it was so difficult and we needed to help each other out the whole time".

Despite many trips, falls and unexpected turns, all caused by the unexpected obstacles we met along the way, all the groups were successful in working together to get each member around!!

Josh liked Nightline because, he says, "It makes you think about what it must be like for blind people and how hard just walking could be. We have a blind kid at school - I never really thought before what it must be like for him".


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