May Half Term

From petting to putting, our Legends took to life on the farm, a minigolf course and much more!

Check out our Legends highlights from the May half term…

Farmer Life!

Being a farmer means an early start, and indeed it was for our Legends who had the chance to experience life on the farm as they ventured to Whiteleaf Farm bright and early!

Sun cream applied and hats on, they started their sunny day in the reptile room. The group were greeted by tarantulas, lizards and snakes but they were no match for our young people who each bravely held and touched them! There was also the chance to see wallabies and get up close and personal to feed the emus and coatimundis!

And the fun didn’t stop there, our young people also got to interact with a whole range of other farm animals including goats, sheep, ponies, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, chickens, ducks… the list goes on! The farm experience finished off with a photo opportunity holding an owl – a day worth smiling about – say cheese!

Not only a fab day out engaging with friends but also a great learning opportunity discovering different species of animals, learning how to care for them, what to feed them and how to hold them – so good that we did it twice meaning more of our Legends had the chance to experience this insightful and exciting day out!

“I had such a great day! Getting to feed the animals is something I’ve never done before and I loved it” – Mike

“My favourite part of the day was petting the rabbits and guinea pigs.” – Molly

“Amazing! I have never even seen some of these animals before. We have to come here again!” – Lola

Minigolf and Pizza!

Yo ho ho and a hole in one…

Our Legends had a balling time at minigolf in Bluewater this half term. It was amazing for those young people who hadn’t met for so long to finally see eachother again! Joining old friends and new they took on minigolf which was both an adventure and a challenge worth waiting for… and everyone got a Pizza Hut treat at the end after completing their 18 holes! Was it difficult I hear you ask? No – it was a pizza-cake!!!

“I’ve not done minigolf before, it’s really good!” – Sunni

“I got a hole in one and I even beat my older brother, yes!!” – Max

“I’ve missed pizzas and stuff like this!” – Reece

Horsing Around!

Some of our Legends headed out into the countryside to visit some local stables. They learnt so many facts about horses and all about looking after them – who knew that horses have a nearly 360 degree field of vision and can sleep standing up?! We didn’t!

The group experienced mucking out the stables and had a session in handling and grooming the horses, learning all about their wellbeing and health. It was finally time to stop horsing around and gallop along for a ride at the end of the day! A confidence builder and a educational visit that didn’t disappoint!

“It was soooo nice to see everyone again!”

“I didn’t like the mucking out, but I did love being able to ride a horse!”

“I would do this activity all the time, every time! We don’t need to do any other activities this one is just perfect.”

Lazer Tag!

Bang bang, lazer tag!

Heading into the lazer tag venue, everyone was excited to catch up and let off some steam with a lazer hitting session. First game – every man for himself! Running around, dodging each other, hiding behind walls, jumping out from hidden hidey holes and chasing the group leaders seemed to be the aim of this game! There was a lot of ganging up!

Then for the next session, out come the competitive side of each group member. Team talks had and strategies in place, the Legends split into two and worked together, determined to beat the opposing side! But there had to be a winner and green team came out on top! Well done guys! Until next time!…

“Thanks for such a great session! Loved the fighting talk and competition.”

“It was difficult but we did our best. Next time I’m sure we will win!”

“I enjoyed blowing up the other teams base!”

Paintballing Battle!

The rain didn’t stop our Legends from having the best time at paintballing!

Suited up and kitted out with paintballing guns and masks, they headed onto the battlefield for some immersive shooting fun! Allowing their competitive side to come out, the teams took to eliminating their opponents…! Everyone tried their hardest – a day of banter, laughs and adrenaline fueled fun!

“Thank you so much I have had so much fun! I’ve made new friends and so glad I’ve come to YLF.”

“It’s been such a great day and so good to come out as a group!”

“The best paintballing game I’ve played!”