Medway & Maidstone Weekend Adventures

Residential recap from the Legends team...

What an incredible weekend our young people from Maidstone and Medway have had!

Kicking off swiftly from school on Friday night, excitement and anticipation buzzed in the air for what the weekend would bring. The car ride to the PGL Site in Sussex was filled with singing, games, and camaraderie.

On the first night, they jumped right into the fun, participating in team games to earn coins and buy items to protect their water balloons, culminating in a joyous water fight! Deep conversations with the leaders about their lives, feelings, and building resilience also added a meaningful touch.

Saturday morning began with a splash as they rafted into the weekend, working together to build a raft and playfully pushing the leaders into the water. The laughter was infectious! After a quick change, it was time to shoot for the stars with archery. Many tried it for the first time and even hit bullseyes!

The rest of the day saw the young people flying high on the 3G swing and battling it out in the PGL tournament. What a thrilling way to end the day!

Sunday brought new challenges and new heights! After a hearty breakfast, the young people faced their fears on the climbing wall, cheering and supporting each other as they pushed beyond their comfort zones. They then ventured into the wild woods of PGL, learning survival skills like building shelters to stay warm and dry, a challenge many embraced eagerly.

The weekend concluded with exhilarating activities like abseiling and bouncing on the Aeroball trampoline.

This weekend was phenomenal for the young people! Encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and take calculated risks helped them develop resilience, self-awareness, and confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives. Activities like climbing, abseiling, and Aeroball, along with peer support and encouragement, have been powerful in building relationships and a sense of belonging.

Such experiences can shape brain development and influence long-term mental health outcomes. By providing a positive and supportive environment, we’re not only helping young people develop essential skills but also giving them the opportunity to create lasting memories and build a strong foundation for their mental well-being.

Thank you to our funders for making this possible!

Here’s what some of the young people had to say:

“I am pleased to go away for the weekend, it means I don’t have to go into respite to places I don’t know, with people I don’t know”

“I loved the 3G Swing, it was great!”

“I am pleased I did the 3G swing it was scary but worth it!”

“I am pleased I tried climbing”

“I loved Abseiling!”