Powered by Tech Programme

In partnership with Active Digital...

YLF is pleased to announce our 'Powered By Tech' partnership with Active Digital!

Powered by good things, Active Digital was delighted to donate 50 portable mi-fi units loaded with data, to be used by our young people. These mi-fi units will be used for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have regular access to their own technology or broadband at home.

The programme and partnership strives to end technology poverty and ensure children who are without the relevant technology in an ever increasingly virtual world, do have access to the equipment needed. The mi-fi units will be especially crucial for our care-leavers and those on our waiting lists so that support can be provided to young people virtually.

YLF has been a customer of Active Digital for many years and not only have they been a reliable communication platform for us, they have also supported us in our fundraising campaigns and more! And now,  they have extended their support by donating such essential resources for our young people. We are incredibly grateful.

Active Digital Associate Director, Alex Patterson, who delivered the mi-fi units by hand earlier this week, commented,

“It has been so rewarding to partner with the team at YLF to deliver our powered by tech programme to the young people in their community. Meeting with the YLF team at their Kent office this week, gave me the opportunity to see and understand first-hand what level of impact these units can make. In a world where we still see so many young people not having access to technology, we can use our ‘Powered by Tech’ programme to improve people’s lives and create a thriving society in keeping people connected.”

There are still thousands of children around the UK that don’t have access to technology. We understand how vital it is that children are able to use technology to learn online, not solely for their education, but also to communicate with their friends and to learn essential skills that can develop their career prospects in later life.

In order to guarantee that children can have access to the technology they need, Active Digital runs a “Powered by Tech” programme, which regularly donates items to schools, charities and other organisations that need support helping young people gain access to the technology they need – read more about them here.