New Line Learning | Swattenden Trip!

25 eager Year 7 and 8 students from New Line Learning Academy joined YLF for a high adrenaline day at the Swattenden Activity Centre.

DSC_1304 EDITThe challenges during the day included archery, rope bridge and swings, climbing walls and obstacle courses. “I love Archery, I could happily do this for the whole day.” Elijah

The young people worked as a team, supported each other, built confidence and showed sheer determination to face their fears and complete the challenge they faced!

The young people kept cheering each other on as they achieved the goals they were set, "Having my friends there to help me was brilliant and kept me going!" Jay

DSC_1332 EDIT“I don't normally like these kind of activities, but today I loved it!” Charlie

The highlight of the day was the Obstacle Course and the challenge of getting the whole team from beginning to end without touching the ground. This involved going over things, under things and through things....they smashed it and achieved this with flying colours!! In fact they enjoyed it so much they did it again and again and again!!

DSC_1444 EDITBy the end of the day all the young people were covered in mud but left with smiles on their faces!

“I loved just getting covered in mud” Josh