Survival of the Fittest!!

[caption id="attachment_2843" align="alignleft" width="205"]Katherine Katherine (right) finishes the race in 2 hours!![/caption]

Katherine has smashed the ‘Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest’ all in aid of YLF!

On 22nd November she ventured to London fresh faced and feeling fit ready for the biggest contest ever – a 10k urban obstacle course with some of the most challenging tasks – all to raise money for the children of YLF.

The race took place in Wembley stadium and made use of the parks and canals nearby. The obstacles ranged from fairly simple ramps, planks and ladders, right through to the much tougher "Giant Pyramid", made from a succession of eight foot tall blocks with no foot or hand-holds. Other obstacles included scrambling under barriers, running down (and then right back up again) a flight of stairs with a large traffic cone and running through a knee-deep stream!

katherineSoF2Katherine tested her all-round fitness and strength, and finished the race in an amazing 2 hours!

katherineSoF3YLF are incredibly proud of Katherine’s success and extremely thankful to all of those who have supported and sponsored her. We hope she can celebrate her hard work using her medal that doubles up as a bottle opener!!

Katherine has raised over £200 so far but it’s not too late to sponsor her. Please visit: