October Half Term Craziness

On Tuesday 24th October a group of young people from YLF rocked up at Gravity Trampoline Park in Maidstone, Kent.

After the safety brief, young people raced to the trampolines where they enjoyed the next hour bouncing off the walls, playing dodge ball, basketball and also a bit of trampoline free running!

The time whizzed past and the nIMG_0061ext thing we knew everyone was sitting down enjoying some great food and drink, chatting with each other about the day and what they would like to do next time.

“Trampolining was awesome!”

“It was great as I made new friends”

“The food was great”

Our next adventure took place on Thursday 26th October when a group of staff and young people visited the Escape rooms at the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood.

IMG_4755Young people and staff were split into two teams and each team raced against the clock and each other to try and solve all of the puzzles to find the secret door out of the escape room.  Did the teams make it out ?  They did!  One team had just 0.94 seconds to spare! 

Well done to both teams for cracking the clues!

It was amazing to see the young people working together as a team and all of the young people said they wanted to do this fun activity again.

“I really enjoyed it!”

“10 out of 10. Amazing”

“I really enjoyed working as a team”

The next adventure was to Leeds Castle!

Young people rolled up ready to head on a country walk, history tour and picnic. As soon as everyone walked into Leeds castle they were hit with the Halloween theme, as it ran throughout the grounds! Everyone searched for the mummies which had letters stuck to them, and were challenged to find all the letters to spell out a scary word.  Everyone worked hard at their spelling to figure out IMG_4760what the word was and about halfway around they got it, the word was…. Spooky!

After a trek around the grounds it was time for everyone to tuck into lunch and talk about the plan for the afternoon.  The plan was decided…and we headed for the MAZE!!

Craziness unfolded in the maze, one group went one way, the other group went the other way, it was now a race IMG_4769to see who could get to the middle first…. The girls did! The boys and the staff that were with them were led by the girls looking down from the tower and giving directions…and after a time that felt like forever, they eventually got to the middle!

With just a bit of time left, everyone had the chance to head to the play area or the castle to have a wander around and take photos.

“I enjoyed being able to look around the castle”

“I really like meeting new people”

“I thought today was awesome”