Rocking Residential Weekend

Challenger Juniors Rocking Residential Weekend!

Our 7-12 year old young people hit the road nice and early Saturday morning, they were all ready for a weekend of zipwiring, lazer tag and much more!

After a little bit of nerves before heading on their way, the young people were off and at the residential centre in Ashford before they knew it! Everyone enjoyed a tour of the site before heading to their first activity… Zipwire! What is that we hear you ask. Zipwire is in fact a wire that runs from one tower to another about 30 feet high and young people whizz from one end to the other. After some slight nerves and the chance to check it was safe by sending a youth leader down it, the young people loved it and were buzzing for more, they zipwired until their legs were jelly!

There was no calming down now as it was time to hit the Laser Tag centre, split into two teams and battle out the excitement by shooting lazer beams at each other.

As energy started to flag and the rain starting to come in, it was time for a food refuel, silly jokes and lateral thinking puzzles before braving the rain and heading to the last three activities of the day, Nightline, Obstacle Course and Climbing!

“I have had a good time so far, I am ready to just chill now”

Time for some surprise dinner of pizza and chips and then a chance to get warm and cosy in pjs, watch Lego Batman, eat sweets and spend time with one another before bed.

With an early start on Sunday morning, the young people rose from their beds eager to head to breakfast refuel and hit the last two activities; Aeroball and Fencing, followed by lunch before taking their tired selves home.

“It was fun”

“I loved the zip wire”

“I hope we can go away again sometime”